About MD Orthopedics

MD Orthopedics, Inc. specializes in providing the ultimate in post operative care. We provide a complete line of Orthopedic Rehabilitation Products and a full line of Home Medical Equipment.

Our specialized services are available throughout California and Nevada. We offer CPM units, Temp. Control Therapy, Contrast Compression Therapy, Pain Control Infusion Pumps, DVT Devices, Bracing, Dynamic Splints, Electro-Therapy, Bone Growth Stimulators, Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs, and a full line of both Mobility Aids and Patient Personal Care Products.

With the depth of our product line, MD Orthopedics Inc. can meet the orthopedic and support needs of its customers. We comprehend the diverse distribution market channels and can help rationalize, simplify, and transform this historically chaotic product segment in the healthcare arena.

By combining our strength, experience and expertise, we have created a strong organization. We are focused on earning the loyalty and trust of the professional health care community and its patients... our customers!




For more information please contact us at 1-800-820-9585 or info@mdorthopedics.com